The Dolphin Show in Karachi was the biggest and the largest event of the decade produced on a scale never before attempted or successfully implemented in Pakistan.

MI Events as the organizer was the team that made the impossible happen. Handling the logistics of the transfer alone meant working with international governments, chartering planes and getting permissions from 14 different ministries in Pakistan. Beyond that MI Events team also took upon itself to ensure quality assurance of the construction, the design of the stadium and the overall comfort of the audiences.

The celebrities and famous personalities to create buzz in the market. MI Events team handled the launch event and PR ensuring the whose MI events team than also handled the corporate marketing & Booking as well as the School And Mobile Activations for the show. Out station ticket booths were also managed in different parts of the city while easing the process for the people to buy tickets. Not only this but could purchase tickets.

School shows were marketed in the morning and reached over 1400 schools in Karachi during the 90 days the show ran with over 175,000 students watching the show with their schools. The school’s operations and logistics were also handled by MI Events team.

The marketing and PR blitz ensured the top most media companies including Geo.TV, Ary Digital, Dawn, Tribune as as well international media covered the event and over 1000 blogs and sites wrote about the subsequent shows and their experiences.